2010 Registration 

Family Constellations and  Systemic Solutions Center of Chile

Family Constellations Training
Bert Hellinger’s philosophy applied to the peaceful resolution of daily life conflicts, workplace conflicts, and business conflicts.  In Tucson, AZ.

A theoretical, experiential, and practical training. 

The program is aimed for the general public, with or without previous experience in Family Constellations and Systemic Solutions (after Bert Hellinger); to university graduates from all the different humanities sub-disciplines; to education, health, and law professionals; and to mediators and negotiators.
The focus of the training is to learn and experience the laws that rule Bert Hellinger’s philosophy on individuals, their families, and their interpersonal, work, and affectionate relationships; the effects of such laws that cause relationship disorders; and their application to the different spheres and settings of relationships.

The program will be taught in 19 monthly modules:
  • Beginning in September 2010 through 2012.
  • 3-day yearly retreat.
  • Autobiography
  • Constellation Facilitator Certification.

The contents of the modules will be led by the Director of the Constellations Center and its team.
The contents, dates, and bibliography of the modules can be found at:
Participants will be provided with videos, printed material, and a reference bibliography.

For more information contact Dr. Cristina Llaguno