Why Family Constellations?

I’ve been thinking in the last few years about the reason why I began devoting myself to Family Constellations with increasing intensity. What was it that Constellations gave me that I was not finding in my profession as an attorney?
The answer came up while looking at this picture of my parents.

I was 5 years old when it was taken. We were at a family gathering and I suddenly noticed the way in which they were looking at each other and the photographer kneeled down to my level, took the picture and said, “I want you to remember when you are older what you are seeing now...”
When I look at this picture I see Love, and when I think about Love I think of my parents, of their Love, and of how we, their daughters, come from that love.
Without that Love I wouldn’t be here and I wouldn’t be able to give it to others, since one cannot give what has not been received.
My parent’s love, which has always been with me and will stay with me forever, is the source from where the love I give to others comes from... There is so much that I have received! And I am so thankful for that!
And time goes on, and through the training in Family Constellations I was able to bring into my life, my work as an attorney, and to my clients Bert Hellinger’s Philosophy.